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Germany road safety initiatives

Road safety initiatives

  • It is very expensive and time-consuming to obtain a full driving licence. A minimum number of lessons are required, and these must be provided by qualified and licensed trainers. A minimum number of hours driving in a variety of conditions are required before an individual may have written and practical driving tests. This leads to better driving standards in young & new drivers in Germany

  • During winter months in snow affected areas it is legal requirement to have special winter tyres fitted to the cars.  National Car Rental fits all cars in the snow affected areas with this special equipment. However, if you are planning to drive cross-border into Germany from another country you may need to request winter tyres.  If a vehicle is involved in a collision in snow and is not fitted with winter tyres, the driver is automatically considered to be partially at fault

Travel tips

The use of hidden speed cameras in suburban and residential areas is common and usually in the back of cars or vans and there is no indication of these cameras! So drivers should adhere to speed limits.


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